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Advocacy Center Supports Affordable Housing

Monday, April 12, 2010

On Wednesday, April 7, staff from the Advocacy Center participated in the Sadowski Coalition rally on the steps of the old Capitol. As in prior years,, we are working with partners to support the creation of more housing options for persons with disabilities. Expanding housing options is an ongoing legislative priority for the Advocacy Center.

Companion bills on Affordable Housing (SB 262 by Sen. Bennett/HB 665 by Rep. Aubuchon) are moving well. The bills revise statutes governing implementation of affordable housing practices and procedures by the Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC). The FHFC is responsible for encouraging the construction of affordable housing in Florida. The bills address different areas relating to affordable housing. If passed, the bills will remove the current cap on the Sadowski funds, thereby increasing the money going into the trust fund.

Photograph of attendees of the Sadowski Housing Rally at the Florida state capitol.

The bills also contain language revising state housing strategy by providing targeted assistance for individuals with special needs. Individuals with special needs would be included in periodic reviews and reports about affordable housing access. Housing funds for multifamily rental housing would be distributed to address the housing needs of persons most in need of housing.

The bills creates two new definitions to support these newly established state housing strategies. Those new definitions are aimed to serve individuals defined as having a “disabling condition” and those defined as a “person with special needs.”

HB 665 cleared the final committee yesterday and is now proceeding to the House floor. The Senate bill is on track to follow shortly.

Posted on 04/12